Thursday, May 19, 2011

Current Raves

Here are some of my current loves:
Yankee Candles. They have this "pink sands" candle at work, and I always light it. It smells like sweet tarts.
Swimming. I LOVE swimming. Too bad it's cloudy today...
Rain. I need to see some of this. Soon. Maybe these clouds will bring some...hopefully
Nail Polish. I have been spending some serious $$$ on this stuff. I go through phases with painting my nails. It's a love/hate relationship.
Grilling. This has become a Monday night tradition...and I love it! It looks like our neighbors have caught on. This week they had a grill-off with Johnny.
Green Tea. I drink this stuff every day, which is good...because it's so good for you. It has a calming effect as well. I add honey to it...which is something else I am currently obsessed with
Fresh green beans. You can get these for so cheap at the grocery store. I like to steam them and then sautee them with olive oil, butter and garlic. I top them off with rosemary and thyme. Yumminess.
English muffins with butter and honey. Breakfast of champions.
I am always obsessed with these.
Cookbooks. My collection is getting outta control. I love it.
Pawn Stars. This is MY SHOW. I love it. I also love Chumlee.
Salty chocolate/caramel. Yep.

This was fun.