Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey, it's May

Hi. It's me. I forgot I had this blog. Let me update you on my life.

I have a 3 month old baby.
I am working again.
I am playing bass again.
I am usually stressed out and not thinking straight.
I haven't had much time for anything.

Ok, now that we are up to speed, let me ramble for a while.
Aaron is the best. I am obsessed.
I don't mean to rhyme, but I do it all the time.

Anyways. I'm not going to lie, being a mom is HARD. You don't get much sleep, you don't get time for yourself, you are always stressed out, and simple things like going to the grocery store are a chore and take hours of planning and preparation. Everything revolves around breastfeeding. Breastfeeding while out and about is NOT my favorite. I'm not the biggest fan of it in general, but of course I just want to do what's best for Aaron. I don't know if it's just me that's totally awkward while out in public with the baby, but sometimes I have the hardest time. Lugging the diaper bag, my purse, the stroller, his carseat, the actual baby (because he hates being in his carseat) blah blah blah.

The simplest things become luxuries once you have a baby. A shower. Making a sandwich. Eating a cookie. Brushing your hair/teeth. Yesterday I was home with Aaron most the day (it was my day off) and when Johnny was home for a couple hours, I took a shower and felt like a new person. When I was in the shower, I pretended like I was somewhere else. I tend to do this...every time I'm in the shower now. But the minute you step out of the shower...back to reality. Johnny can't seem to handle things on his own sometimes. 9 times out of 10, when I get out of the shower, the baby is crying or Johnny is walking into the bathroom asking me questions or telling me things I need to do. ARG. My 10 minute vacation is over.

Pumping. At work. Talk about a HASSLE.

Aaron is a stong willed boy. He has Johnny's personality, all the way. He gets bored easily, and he is STRONG. Try putting a diaper on that child. Haha. I'm glad he has a strong personality. But I won't lie, it does make some things harder. He is also the fart king.

Anyways, that is my ramble.
I'm hoping in the next few days I can have a few hours to myself, just to drive around, get a cherry limeade, think, listen to music, and maybe do some shopping. We'll see. I really need something like that right now.

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Gucci halter neck top
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J Brand flared jeans
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Shoulder handbag
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Tarina Tarantino ball earrings
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A New Year

Let's give this blogging thing a try...again.
So...lots going on:

1. Aaron Judah is due to be born on Feb. 16th. I am very pregnant.
2. I have a new obsession. Sample box programs. I currently receive Birchbox (www.birchbox.com) and Bluum (www.bluum.com). I am literally obsessed. I have watched hours of "unboxing" videos on youtube.
3. My husband is nesting. HARDCORE.
4. Pinterest (www.pinterest.com) is my new BFF. I've been spending a lot more time on there because...like I said earlier, I am very pregnant. I lay in bed a lot and play on my iphone.
5. I had a lot of other things to list, but I am having brain fart. This is a very common occurance these days.

I will try to keep up with this more than I have been. If I don't get too caught up in baby land.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Acrylic sweater
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Minnetonka fringe boots
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Erickson Beamon gunmetal ring
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Heart jewelry

French Connection black shawl
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Been a WHILE

It's been a long time. I feel like I say that everytime I post something on here.
There's been a lot going on lately, I know everyone that follows me (all 6 of you) so I don't want to be repetitive. Yes, I am pregnant...4 months along. It happened kinda fast and took me by a whirlwind. I have had mixed feelings about it, but overall I am excited. I think once I get past the initial shock (which takes a while) and all the SICKNESS...I will be ok.

One thing I am definitely ready for is...FAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Summer...you are annoying. And hot. And I have been sitting inside all season getting more pale and throwing up. I'm ready to move on.

I tried to make my background look a little more autumn-y...but this is the best I could do.

I'm ready to bust out all my old lady decorations! YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

And I want Halloween candy and a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. Hallelujah and Amen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Out of Control

I hate the feeling of being out of control. Why is it so hard just to "think about something else" when the only thing you can think of is something you can't do anything about? If wish things made more sense sometimes...I know God always has a plan and a reason for everything but it would be easier to just live it out if I knew what was going to happen. I guess I need to work on my faith.