Thursday, January 6, 2011


So...something crazy happened last night and I feel compelled to blog about it.

Yesterday I was have really bad (worse than normal) heart palpitations ALL DAY LONG.
They lasted through the night, and I was scared. I was crying, freaking out, having panic attacks...etc. At one point I laid on the ground panting and had Johnny pray and read scriptures over me. I calmed down and was ok for a little while. I woke up at 2 am after having stressful dreams that made no sense. I was having heart palpitations again.

I prayed...cried...freaked out. I woke Johnny up and had him pray for me because apparently God was not listening to me. I got out of bed and had some water, and then a bowl of cereal. I went upstairs and fell asleep in the guest bedroom.

I had a dream.

I was in my old house that I grew up in. I was in the kitchen looking at a window. There was a large black and red spider with claws like a crab. He was just there, staring at me, almost like he was trying to figure out when to attack. I freaked for a little while before coming to my senses and found some bug spray. I chased the thing around the house, spraying it over and over again. It finally died. I was soooo happy and relieved. I went out the front door and saw my sister and mom having a Sunday School class for kids. It was bright and sunshine-y. I got extremely excited and grabbed some puppets and bible looking dolls and ran out there with them.

That was the end of the dream.

Tonight I looked up the meanings of this dream and was amazed.

House - Person or family; individual (me)
Kitchen - HEART (that freaked me out)
Spider - Evil
Black - Sin, grief, ignorance, mourning, gloomy, evil
Red - Passion, emotion, anger, hatred
Window - An unguarded opening for a thief to enter (WOW.)

I woke up and the palpitations were gone. I have not had any more at all. It turns out that God did hear me after all (duh, I learned that in Sunday School ;)), and they (the prayers) were used as weapons (the bug spray) to KILL IT. Bye bye, spider. My window has been shut.

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