Friday, April 8, 2011


Home alone on a Friday night. Johnny is out playing at Jackrabbits. I HATE that place. I am so not into that scene. Or any scene really. I watched Sleepless In Seattle and then a Foo Fighters documentary. Now I'm drinking green tea and...blogging. Very cliche' I need to make descisions and stick with them. I keep going back and forth about certain things. I hate being indecisive. Mehhhhhhhh I need to think think think I need a vacation Yes and Amen

1 comment:

  1. My only scene's I'm a part of are the stinky 20 year old boy wearing girl clothes scene, and the old lady funny newlife scene.
    The other ones are all dumb.
    Mama watched that Foo Fighter's doc with me.
    Daddy walked by and just said "Man these guys know how to rock" and the went to bed.