Saturday, July 31, 2010

My dream last night:

I'm all dressed up, ready to go somewhere at noon on a Saturday. Johnny wants to...clean. He gets all frustrated, can't relax and just starts agrily (word?) cleaning everything. It gets very frustrating because I just want to have a nice, realaxing fun FULL day off together. This is the only day in the entire week that we have like this. Ugh.
I jus found out that a Forever 21 just opened at the Town Center. I am very excited. I can't decide if I should go there because of the crowds, and the 100 degree weather.
I am ready for fall. I want to decorate my house, watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, eat candy corn, buy way too much halloween candy and light my apple cinnamon candles. I always save my favorite candles for a certain time of year because I feel like I don't get the full effect unless the time is right.
Time to heat up some leftover bbq and make some sandwiches.
Peace out.

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