Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas List!

I've been asked by certain family members to make a Christmas list. No matter how old I get, this never gets old. It's soooo fun!

Pete & Pete season 1. I have season 2 and now I must make my collections complete. It's just not the same ordering one disc at a time from Netflix.
Betsey Johnson watch. I love all her stuff!
The new Top Secret Restaurant Recipes cookbook came out! It has the Cracker Barrel chocolate CocaCola cake recipe in it! AHHHH!

Victoria's Secret Bombshell. It smells yummeh.

All of the Hallmark Peanuts (& Disney) ornaments they have out this year.

This necklace from! (Johnny has already been clued in on this one...)

I have always wanted this candle from Anthropologie, but could never bring myself to pay 20 something dollars for it. That's what a Christmas list is for. I want to see some other Christmas lists on here!


  1. good thing I already know what I'm getting you and it matches up with this list

  2. Woohoo! I already got a couple of your presents Mama said you would like them

  3. Those candles are AMAZING. I used to have one and I walk around just holding it to my face.

  4. I got that ornament yesterday! I had some store credit at Hallmark and they had to get the last one from the back.