Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok. So I realize that most of these shows don't come on anymore. But...I do have a few of them on DVD...which I still watch. Not all...but a few. If you ever find any of these on DVD...please let me know!
Pop Up Video. This was a middle school favorite.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete. I have season 2. I need season 1. Christmas is coming up. COUGH COUGH

Life obsession.

Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast was one of the best shows ever created. I have one of the seasons on DVD. Can't remember which one. Don't feel like getting up to look.

I LOVE LOONEY TUNES!!! I miss that show. It makes me fall asleep. In a good way. This is something else I would like on DVD. I have a few scattered episodes on some of those dollar DVDs you get at Wal Mart.

Ok. I watch this show EVERY DAY. It comes on all day long. I usually watch 2-3 episodes a day. Yes, I am a little obsessed.

This show is extremely sick but addicting.



Yes, I am into cartoons. And yes, I'm 26. It's ok.
Peace out.

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